The Centaurus are one of the playable factions in the Infinity universe.

Website DescriptionEdit

When the ancient world of Geodesa was threatened by an impending nova, their people set forth on a great arkship, traveling untold lightyears across the galaxy. For reasons forgotten by history, their course was diverted, but they arrived safely at Atma, whereupon they rebuilt their civilization, which within a few centuries would stretch across the stars. Little is known of those fateful intervening years, for it was a time of great hardship for these survivors. A medical crisis (owing to Atma's indigenous radioactivity) cast the long shadow of extinction, and drastic measures were taken. Desparation led to great innovation in the field of medicine, and the people developed a naturalist religion, the Harmony. Having survived their founding crisis, the Centaurans (as they christened themselves) once more set their eyes upon the stars, in hopes to reunite with their lost brothers. Two millenia later, that reunion finally came to be. Ever since, the Centaurans, though strange in their ways, have been brokers of peace throughout the galaxy.

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