Unlike many space simulation games, Infinity does not soley rely on combat.

As the game is an MMO, groups of players can join battles. The fights are based in real time, and is twitch based, allowing the player to truly develop skills. The developers are working on making it possible to target individual systems on a ship, and from the demo, different parts of the ship can be destroyed, effecting different systems like movement. However, this was only seen from the prototype.

Infinity Combat Prototype (ICP) Edit

Infinity Combat Prototype

Infinity Combat Prototype

In 2006, the Infinity Combat Prototype was released. It doesn't reflect the actual game (and is a completely seperate program), and is only a test of controls, combat mechanics and the graphics engine and is made so bugs can be reported. It is can arena-style game. Its unknown how the controls will relate to the actual game, however, this version includes shockwaves, turrets, orbiting ships and various other tactics, tht is likely to be present[1].

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