Infinity will feature IPO's (Infinity Player Organisations) or Corp for short (some IPO's don't consider themselves Corps.)

IPO's allow a player to work together to achieve a common goal. They can also help protect each other because of a organisation Structure, meaning you can complete stations which would of been almost impossible to construct without assistance, nor can you control battle fleets if you are not in a IPO, because the Economy will be player run this means that IPO's are vital for the Economic stability of the Game.

There will be conflicts and alliances between different IPO's meaning very interesting and challenging Diplomatic and strategical situations which shall spring up and make the game very exciting.

Name IPO specialisation Accepting Recruits Infinity Forum page Personal Forum
The Black Order Military/Political Yes
Free People of Space Military/industrial Yes
Defence Armada of Solmuta Military Yes
S&B's Exploration,Mapping and trade Inc. Trade/Exploration/Science Yes None given
Terran Mining* Industry/Mining Yes
Rogue Legion Mercenary Yes None given
TransGalactic Couriers Hauling/Transportation Yes
AXIS Industrial/Trade Yes

Oculus Prospecting & Exploratory Corp.

Exploration / Industrial No About OPEC Thread None Given
Galaxy Technologies & Exploration Corporation Exploration / Industrial / Trade / Science Yes
Profiteers Of Space

Profiteering / Mercenary /

Exploration / Colonization

Yes Forum Link

You are free to extend the table (Or add new ones if need be) or fill in the Rows, this table is not finished. I have added in at least 1 of every 'Type' of IPO there is.

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