The Deltan Federation is one of the three playable factions in the Infinity universe.

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Thousands of civilian and military vessels fled Geodesa as well. Journeying across space in thousands of small ships, they took hundreds of hyperspace jumps, traveling lightyears ahead of the hulking arkship. Under military command, they were to prepare New Delta, to lay the foundations in anticipation of the arkship, which was planned to arrive decades later. The early colonists of New Delta thrived and prospered under their early military government, inspiring a legacy of loyalty, service, and self-reliance. They had suffered greatly, all to prepare for the arrival of the arkship -- but the arkship never came. The children of New Delta reached ever farther, charting thousands of star systems in the search for their lost brethren. Decades turned to centuries, the Deltan Federation grew into a great empire -- and then, reunion finally came. Though reunited, the scions had grown so distant that they barely recognized one another, and the Deltan Federation found themselves at odds with not one foreign power, but two. Their empire had grown vast indeed -- so vast that the periphery became no longer manageable. The Star Fold rebellion was by far the bloodiest war in history, but at last the bloodshed became more than either warring party could bear, and the Centaurus stepped in to broker peace. This fragile peace has survived for over eight centuries, despite numerous hostilities. Larger conflicts have been avoided through increased military presence in the border regions and stringent controls over interstellar trade.

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