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DeveloperFlavien Brebion
Release date(s)TBA
GenreSpace Simulation
ModesMassively Multiplayer Online Game
RatingERSB: RP (Rating Pending)

Infinity (also known as Infinity: The Quest for Earth) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game under development. It is a space simulation game, where players can connect online in a persistent universe. It is based in a galaxy with around 400 billion stars and astronomical phenomena.

Overview Edit

Infinity, takes place in the far future (it is unknown what time period) Milky Way galaxy. There are three playable civilizations - the Centaurus, Deltan Federation and the Star Fold Confederacy, however there is the possibility of NPC civilizations. All are human, who have descended from Earth but have since spread across the galaxy. The main story ark is finding the near-mythical Earth, whose location is long-lost.

Gameplay Edit

Open-ended gameplay Edit

The game is open-ended, and, inspired by Elite, there are various ways of playing the game, the player makes a name for him or herself in the galaxy. Unlike most MMOG's, combat in Infinity is twitched-based and in real time, rather than point-and click styled combat seen in other MMOG's. The game allows the player to follow their own paths, which could include various ways; which includes but is not limited to building a powerful organization, exploring space, engaging in scientific discovery, fighting in combat (parts of the political & social aspects for the game, although there are diplomatic alternatives), mining resources for a corporate empire, spying, possibly racing, hunting or following missions and storylines either in the ground or in space[1] (which can single-player or done in groups, either by getting them on space stations or recieving incoming transmissions, often based on the character's progress). The player's progress helps build a unique character. The character could be a pirate, trader, mercenary or have other traits, but can become rich and powerful enough to own entire planets, cities or space stations.

There are no skills or points based on characters, as skills are based on the player's actual abilities.

Realistic features Edit

As a space simulation, the game has many realistic aspects. The game is persistent, and advancement of the character can continue offline. For instance, if the player has to jetteson a ship, then the player is stuck until rescued, either by NPC's or other players, and the time scale in space flight can take time[2]. The game is in real time, travelling to local stars is quite instant using either jump gates (major trade routes) or a hyperdrive, but travel to the far side of the galaxy could take hours, and this depends on resources[3]. The player's ship also gradually gets more weathered the older it is, so needs management.

Astrophysics and newtonian motion is also considered, with realistic movements and scales in space. Planets and stars orbit each other very realisticly. There are various stars, planets, gas giants, black holes, nebulae and other astronomical objects (nearly all can be visited), with the possibility of cosmic events like supernovae being featured in certain missions. The galactic topography is interestering, nearer the core, the space backgrounds are more nebulous than the outer arms[4].


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There is expected to be about 100 starships to choose from at launch[5]. They are customisable and they can be bought and possibly sold.

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