Administrators can access additional tools on a wiki, which have special functions to the site. These include protecting and deleting articles, blocking vandals, reverting spam, editing the mediawiki interface and some other specialised abilities. Admins however, are not all powerful, and there is no hierarchy in wiki's, all users have the same amount of power. Decisions for the wiki are community, not admin-based. If you need help, admins are usually experienced enough to provide help if contacted, or could pass you on to someone who will know if they can't help. Finally, admins don't bite, so don't be afraid to talk to them, they are people too!

Who are the administrators here? Edit

Administrator name Signature prototype Promotion date Current status Additional information
Wormulon (TalkContributionsE-mail) (Sysop & Bureaucrat) Wormulon Talk to me October 29th, 2010 Active Founded the wiki, does the coding and hunts for any confirmed information. A WikiGryphon, active on the official forums.
Um2k9 (TalkContributionsE-mail) (Sysop) October 30th, 2010 Active Is currently working on gathering new contributors. Active on the official forums.
Jovar1 (TalkContributionsE-mail) (Sysop) The Jovar 22:14, April 22, 2011 (UTC) October 31st, 2010 Active Jovar specialized in typo's and grammar correction. Can also be found on the official forums.

Administrative guide Edit

Main article: Infinity: The Quest for Earth Wiki/Administrator's guidebook

Visit that page for a comprehensive guide.