The Milky Way, is most likely the galaxy where Infinity takes place.

Civilizations Edit

The only known intelligent species to inhabit the galaxy are humans, who are split into three nations, or rather Scions, they are: the Centaurus, Deltan Federation and the Star Fold Confederacy. However, it has been mentioned that relics of ancient alien civilizations can be found, with the possibility of missons based on investigating ancient ruins. Non-sentient alien plant and animal life is a possibility though. The reasons for this, is because there is not enough developers who have time to build the neccesary parts and textures, and because they feel that a game orientated on human expansion might be more interesting[1].

Astrophysics Edit

The real-life galaxy contains up to an approximate of 400 billion stars, the galaxy in Infinity contains 200 billion stars, procedually generated. It seems there will be many kinds of astronomical objects; nebulae, black holes and others have been mentioned, and so have supergiants and other stars. Binary and trinary star systems have been mentioned[2], as well as the possibility of cosmic events, such as supernovae and asteroid collisions occuring in missions[3]. It seems the galaxy will have a detailed structure, with arms and a core, as mentioned here. The galaxy's outer arms will be less nebulous than the core, which is more densely packed.

The galaxy will include 100,000 real-life stars and astronomical phenomena to build up the real constellations[4].

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