The Star Fold Confederacy is a playable faction in the Infinity universe.

Website DescriptionEdit

The Star Fold was first explored by fringe-space mining operations, happy to drill, pack, and sleep back. The major mining corporations of the time considered it hopeless – simply too far from Delta. Nevertheless, the Star Fold proved itself to be amazingly rich in resources, and so the situation quickly changed. Over the course of a single century, a small temporary colony grew into major metropolis, and once the hyperspace gate came online, industrial complexes spread like fire. Growth was so rapid, and Delta so distant, that central government control became increasingly marginal. When the workers rebelled against their condition, the new corporations turned their ire towards Deltan governance. “They cannot control us through holes in space,” as it was said –- and with this, the hyperspace gates were closed, and the war began.

The newly emerging scion was severely tested, in civil war of terrible bloodshed. Both sides suffered crippling losses, but when desperation prevailed, the Centaurus intervened to broker a treaty. The war was lost by all, but the peace was finally won. As the war cooled, the corporations grew ever richer, and today the space of Star Fold is the wealthiest in the galaxy, though many say the most brutish.

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