aka Belisarius

  • I live in Nova Scotia.
  • I was born on November 8
  • My occupation is a scruffy Nerf herder.
  • I am a big dumb poopyhead.
  • DrodoEmpire


    I am extremley excited for Infinity, but one question always seems to come up, what will you want to be? Infinity gives tons of power to the players, so much in fact, that players can found there own cities! So, when, in a few years to come, when you walk into your favourite video game store, pluck a box off the shelf, ring it through, and finally put that disc into the drive for the first time, what will you do to leave your mark on the Galaxy? Will you be a famous explorer, a soldier, perhaps, or even a pirate! A living legacy, or a outlaw, slinking into the shadows. It's completly up to you. Post your comments below.

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